Which is the better film?
Aliens Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Aliens Terminator2JudgmentDay

Each is a popular sequel directed by James Cameron to a classic science fiction film whose status in comparison to the first one often sees it debated as potentially being better. Whereas their predecessors each had a more sci-fi horror based bent, these ones veer closer into the sci-fi action category. Featuring the return of the last movie's chief heroine (Ellen Ripley/Sarah Connor) whose claims about what happened before are questioned and treated with deep skepticism. This time around multiples of the creature would be brought into the fray, a kid joins the proceedings (Rebecca "Newt" Jordan/John Connor), and the heroine must team up with an android (Bishop/The T-800 Terminator) in spite of her grievances based on past experience with ones who tried killing her in order to succeed.

Which is the better film?

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