Which is the better film?
Braveheart Gladiator
Wallace Maximus

Each is a historical epic centering around a virtuous hero (William Wallace/Maximus Decimus Meridius) who after a long time away desires to return home so that he can settle down with a family as a farmer. Initially turning down a call to action to bring freedom to his land (Scotland/The Roman Empire) by a man he's known since childhood (Campbell the Elder/Marcus Aurelius) in this pursuit but finds himself forced to fight when those he cares about are murdered by men serving his peoples' corrupt ruler (Edward Longshanks/Commodus) who managed to seize power after the death of the pervious reigning monarch of the hero's land (King Alexander III/Emperor Marcus Aurelius) and is seeking to expand his power further. During which time the hero develops a legendary reputation and becomes the leader of a ragtag band of warriors. He would also gain an ally in a woman of royalty that lies within the villain's inner circle (Isabella/Lucilla) who does what she can to undermine his plans from the shadows and comes to serve as the hero's new love interest. Eventually at a key point the protagonist is sold-out by one of his allies (The Leper/Lucilla) and captured. Leading him to being set to die in a public display by the ruler. With the hero, in some way, managing to achieve a kind of victory. As he dies the hero has a vision of whom he lost welcoming him into the afterlife. After which he has allies, including a powerful friend who had prior turned on him (Robert the Bruce/Quintus) to serve the enemy, inspired to continue his mission in his stead.

Which is the better film?

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