Which is the better film?
FernGully: The Last Rainforest Pocahontas
FernGullyTheLastRainforest Pocahontas95

Each is an animated musical film with environmental themes. Both stories centering around a woman with an adventurous spirit (Crysta/Pocahontas) who lives among a people that live in harmony with nature (The fairies of FernGully/The Powhatan tribe of Native Americans) who become threatened by foreigners (Humans/English Settlers) who come into heir domain and seeking to obtain a valuable resource (Lumber/Gold) that they damage the environment in pursuit of. She would come to bond and fall in love with one of them (Zak/John Smith) who would come to help her after his mind about nature becomes changed through their interactions. When the final attack is launched by the main antagonist (Hexxus/Ratcliffe) they work together to try to stop them. With one of them putting themselves in the position of a sacrifice to achieve this (Crysta/John Smith) but manage to survive. The two lovers ultimately find themselves forced to part.

Which is the better film?

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