Which is the better film?
Quest for Camelot Mulan
QuestForCamelot Mulan

Each is an animated musical film centering around a young heroine (Kayley/Mulan) who is the daughter of a war hero who feels repressed from being her true self by the sexist society surrounding her. However she finds herself propelled on an adventure when a powerhouse barbarian warrior (Ruber/Shan-Yu) threatens her land. With help including the likes of a skilled man who at first doubts her (Garrett/Li Shang) but comes to be her love interest and a dragon (Devon & Cornwall/Mushu) among others. The climax featuring the villain and his men breaking into the ruler's castle where he manages to personally confront and threaten him. (King Arthur/The Emperor of China) The heroes manage to intervene leading to a fight that ends with the villain being destroyed in a giant explosion. Both films ending with their heroines being honored by the ruler and given a chance to have the sort of life they had pined for earlier.

Which is the better film?

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