Which is the better film?
Beauty and the Beast The Hunchback of Notre Dame
BeautyAndTheBeast TheHunchbackOfNotreDame

Each is a Disney animated musical based upon a classic tale set in France. Both films center around a deformed looking man (The Beast/Quasimodo) who is shut from the outside world inside a monolithic building (Beast's Castle/Notre Dame Cathedral) and seen as a monster. His only company being anthropomorphic objects that reside in the aforementioned structures. There is compassionate and headstrong woman (Belle/Esmerelda) who comes to defend him that he falls in love with. The main antagonist is an influential man in his town (Gaston/Frollo) who is arrogant and has a deep lust for the female lead. He'd in the climax lead a siege on the male lead's home with a battle ensuing on its rooftop where after a struggle he'd ultimately fall to his death. Afterward the so-called monster finally finds the acceptance and meaningful personal relationships he was looking for.

Which is the better film?

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