Which is the better film?
Dances with Wolves The Last Samurai
DancesWithWolves2 TheLastSamurai2003

Each is a historical epic centering around an American Civil War veteran (John Dunbar/Nathan Algren) who at the start feel some sort of emptiness and has some inclination for suicide. The hero eventually decides to venture to a land foreign to him (The American Western Frontier/Japan) where he'd eventually find himself taken in by a technologically primitive though spiritually enlightened group (The Lakota Sioux Native American tribe/Japanese traditionalist rebels) that are under the threat from a more numerous advanced society (The United States/The westernizing Japanese government) and learn to become one of them. He is brought under the wing of one of the group's central figures (Kicking Bird/Katsumoto), falls in love with a woman from his family (Stands With A Fist/Taka) who was recently widowed, and befriends the resident tough guy (Wind In His Hair/Ujio) who initially held a dislike for him. Whilst there is some loss and foreboding, the hero in the end has a heart-to-heart with the leader of the people he had bonded with (Chief Ten Bears/Emperor Meiji) and ultimately gets to end up with his love interest and live a peaceful life.

Which is the better film?

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