Which is the better film?
Rob Roy The Patriot
RobRoy Patriot

Each is a historical epic centering around a lead hero (Robert MacGregor/Benjamin Martin) who is a family man that lives in a land under the rule of England (Scotland/The American Colonies) that just seeks to get by as an agreeable subject. However, things go awry when a sinister man (Archibald Cunningham/William Tavington) wrongs him with an attack culminating in the murder of somebody close to the hero (Alan MacDonald/Thomas Martin) which starts a situation spiraling into him becoming an outlaw leading a ragtag rebellion in guerilla warfare against their better equipped enemy. That lead villain serves under a higher-ranking man who he tries the patience of (Marquess of Montrose James Graham/General Charles Cornwallis) and winds up with the task to bring the lead to justice. The conflict intensifies when further damage is done by the enemy to the hero and his comrades' lives. Including the raiding of his countrymen's homes and the death of a family member. (Alasdair MacGregor/Gabriel Martin) Their feud would come to a head when the arch-rivals engage in a climactic duel. The villain looks to be the victor and gloats when the protagonist is brought to his knees. As he prepares for the killing blow however, the hero takes him off guard by unexpectedly rising and taking him out with one final desperate attack. The lead ultimately managing to get to return home to his family and be with his love interest (Mary MacGregor/Charlotte Selton) to begin life anew.

Which is the better film?

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