Which is the better film?
Saving Private Ryan Black Hawk Down
SavingPrivateRyan BlackHawkDown

Each is a war film about a band of soldiers who venture deep into enemy territory on a mission that is supposed to be a simple extraction, but find themselves getting caught up in a bigger battle than they'd initially thought with the forces of their rival faction. (The Nazis/The Somali National Alliance) Things culminate during a battle within a city (Ramelle/Mogadishu) where the protagonists are outnumbered, but they manage to hold out until allies arrive to save them. The results of the venture raise questions of its worth given the losses they take, but ultimately those who gave their lives and those who made it out are honored as heroes for their valor. Things wrap-up with one of the survivors (James Francis Ryan/Matt Eversmann) speaking in memorial to a fallen comrade (John H. Miller/Jamie Smith) about what he took from the events that had transpired.

Which is the better film?

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