Which is the better film?
Tarzan Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Tarzan99 AtlantisTheLostEmpire

Each is a Disney animated adventure film about explorers funded by an eccentric old man (Prof. Archimedes Q. Porter/Preston B. Whitmore) who venture into a mysterious land (Uncharted African rainforest/Atlantis) where they come across its inhabitants (The Apes/The Atlanteans) who are weary of them. However a member of the explorers (Jane Porter/Milo Thatch) bonds with and falls for one of the people they find. (Tarzan/Kida) However, things go awry when it is revealed that the man in charge of the expedition's security (Clayton/Commander Rourke) is a self-serving traitor out for profit who attacks the locals and winds up killing their gruff though well-meaning leader. (Kerchak/King Kashekim Nedakh) A final battle ensues that leads to the villain's demise, and the stories end with some of the explorers staying behind to be with the love interest they've made there. (Jane for Tarzan/Milo for Kida)

Which is the better film?

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