Which is the better film?
The Lion King The Prince of Egypt
TheLionKing ThePrinceOfEgypt

Each is an animated musical centered around a young man raised as a prince (Simba/Moses) who goes through a coming of age story. We first see him as a baby winding up in the arms of the family that would raise him before flashing forward to his carefree rambunctious days, including a reckless adventure with a friend (Nala/Rameses) that leads to a scolding from his father the king. (Mufasa/Pharaoh Seti) He eventually runs away when struck with the guilt of, at least seemingly, causing someone's death. (Mufasa/An Egyptian slave driver) After wandering about and almost dying in the desert he would be picked up by some kindly people who take them in and give them a new lease on life. (Timon and Pumbaa/Jethro's Tribe) During this time he would become reacquainted with a strong woman from his past (Nala/Tzipporah) who he'd become romantically involved with. The hero would eventually have an encounter with a transcendent being (Mufasa/God) that tasks him with going back to his homeland (The Pride Lands/Egypt) and embracing his destiny as a leader for his people. Leading to the hero making that return and having to contend with the new ruler of his old home who he held as family (Scar/Rameses) and free his subjugated subjects. (The Pride Lands animals/The Hebrew slaves) Both stories ending with the hero succeeding and leave on the image of him atop a cliff (Pride Rock/Mount Sinai) looking down upon his followers.

Which is the better film?

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