Which is the better film?
The Matrix Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
TheMatrix CurseOfTheBlackPearl

Each is the opening installment to a popular film series, and a watershed film for its genre. Each follows the classic "Hero's Journey" template as it centers around a young hero (Thomas "Neo" Anderson/William "Will" Turner) who initially appears unassuming with a nondescript place in the world (as a programmer/as a blacksmith) but comes to learn the truth about his origins when taken under the wing of a ship captain (Morpheus/Jack Sparrow) who he follows on the path to his destiny after he villainous faction composed of seemingly invincible combatants (The Agents within the Matrix/The crew of the Black Pearl) crashes into his life. It would turn out that he is vital to the conflict at hand. Eventually, their adversaries would get their hands on somebody who would be the key to them realizing their plans. (Morpheus/Will) Leading to a climax where his allies need to infiltrate the enemy stronghold to rescue him whilst the ship they're operating from (The Nebuchadnezzar/The Dauntless) is besieged by enemy forces. In the end the younger hero gets to be with his love interest (Trinity/Elizabeth Swann) and embraces the role he's found. (as The One/as a pirate) In doing so stands in defiance of the powers that be.

Which is the better film?

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