Which is the better film?
Titan A.E. Treasure Planet
TitanAE TreasurePlanet

Each is animated sci-fi adventure film that centers around a young hero (Cale Tucker/Jim Hawkins) who whilst having great technical expertise gets himself into trouble a lot. Much of his angst coming from the issue of feeling abandoned by his father. The hero's adventure begins after he finds himself in possession of a map leading to an important location (The Titan/Treasure Planet) that comes to be fought over. The hero joins a motley crew aboard a spaceship (The Valkyrie/The RLS Legacy) to get to that place where he'd be taken under the wing of one of his shipmates (Joseph Korso/John Silver) that comes to serve as a surrogate father-figure but also a rivalry with his shady second-in-command. (Preed/Scroop) However, he'd eventually be revealed to be a traitor which leads to the group splitting up in continued pursuit. However after the destination is reached and chaos ensues when a trap is sprung by the enemy whose actions put the whole journey in motion (The Drej/Nathaniel Flint), at a pivotal moment the traitor has a change of heart and makes a great sacrifice to help save the hero. With the lead's technical saavy proving to be key in saving his crewmen's lives.

Which is the better film?

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