T Vs P


The TerminatorEdit

In a small town in Brazil there is a powerful electric surge and a ball of energy appears and then disappears revealing a naked Terminator.

"Nice jacket," Hendricks tells Rodriguez. "Thanks," Rodriguez replies. The two are sitting in a bar in the same town. They are soldiers from a military base that is nearby and are off duty. There are a couple of other soldiers there as well. "What's the time," Rodriguez asks. "About midnight," Hendricks answers, "I guess we better be getting back to the base." "All right," Rodriguez replies and takes another swig of his beer, "Just let me finish this drink." The two hear a noise from the bar door and turn to see the Terminator walk in. "Col. Schafer," Rodriguez asks. "Something looks wrong with this picture," Hendricks replies getting up and walks toward the Terminator. "Find out what's wrong," Rodriguez says and then continues to drink more of his beer. Hendricks approaches the Terminator and remarks, "What's going on Col. Schafer?" "Give me your clothes," the Terminator replies solemnly. "Whoa," Hendricks shouts and begins to laugh, "Wow, what's wrong?" "Now," the Terminator replies. "How about no," Hendricks replies. The Terminator then grabs Hendricks' throat and strangles him to death. "What the heck," Rodriguez shouts. All of the other soldiers are now staring at the Terminator and pull out weapons. Rodriguez has a large handgun. The Terminator looks at Rodriguez and approaches him. "Stop," Rodriguez shouts and fires at the Terminator but the bullets have no effect. The others then fire as well. Rodriguez has great fear in his eyes when the Terminator reaches him and knocks him down with his right arm making Rodriguez drop his gun. The Terminator then picks it up and begins to shoot down the other soldiers in the bar. When one charges at him with a knife the terminator just grabs him and throws him into the rows of bottles behind the bar and falls to the ground. Others also run at the Terminator but it easily takes them down and eventually all but Rodriguez are dead. The Terminator turns to him. Rodriquez panics and gets up. The Terminator approaches him and Rodriguez shouts, "I'll give you my clothes, all right." Rodriguez tears off his black leather jacket and tosses it to the Terminator.

The Terminator walks outside in Rodriguez's black leather jacket, jeans, black shirt, and black leather boots. It then turns to see another soldier riding down the road on a motorcycle. He is wearing a pair of shades. The Terminator goes out into the road and the biker stops and shouts, "What the hell man!" The Terminator then takes the shades off of the soldier and puts them on. It then whacks the soldier with its left arm making him fly off of the bike. The Terminator then gets on and rides away.


A Yautja ship flies by Earth. A pod then flies out and descends into Brazil. The pod lands in a dense jungle. The bottom then opens and a Predator rides out on a speeder bike. The Predator stops and then turn on the pod's cloaking system making it turn invisible. The Predator then rides into the jungle.

The Terminator is still riding through the jungle on its motorcycle when it sees the Predator fly onto the road on its speeder bike and then disappear into the other side of the jungle. The Terminator is confused by this but just continues riding.


Col. Alan Schaefer, a.k.a. Dutch, looks inside of the bar the Terminator attacked. "What happened," Dutch asks a lieutenant named Max. "This is strange Col.," Max replies, "But he said it was you." "What," Dutch shouts. Rodriguez is talking to another soldier while wrapped in a blanket. "It was him," Rodriguez shouts, "Col. Schaefer!" "Is this true," Max asks. "I do remember you were gone last night," Max replies. "I was out on patrol," Dutch replies, "And what would be my motive for killing my own men?" "I honestly don't know," Max replies, "But several people think that you're still a little off ever since your incident in Val Verde." "I'm as sane as you are," Dutch shouts, "And I thought it was innocent until proven guilty." Another soldier then approaches them and says, "The bartender has come forward with a tape of the incident. He says he filmed it to prove who was to blame, and said it was you Col." "Let's watch it first," Dutch replies.

At the base a group of officers including Dutch watches the tape. They see the Terminator kill all of the soldiers and then leave in Rodriquez's clothes. "It looks like you Dutch," says General Sherman Pryce, "Exactly like you." "I'm telling you it isn't," Dutch says. "Unless you've got some twin we don't know about we're going to have to take this as hard evidence," Sherman says. "I know this person looks like me," Dutch says, "But I'll prove it isn't. Give me a chance to find this man, and bring him to justice." "We'll try our best to see if there is some 'evil twin' of yours," Sherman replies, "But until then I'm afraid we're going to have to lock you up." "No," Dutch shouts as he is grabbed by soldiers and is dragged away. "It wasn't me," Dutch shouts, "It wasn't me!"

John ConnorEdit

John Connor is hiding in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo under the alias of John Reese, in honor of his biological father, to try and keep Skynet from knowing where he is. John is buying some food when he hears some off duty soldiers talking. "Did you hear about what happened at the bar," one says. "Yeah," a second replies, "Col. Schaefer killed several guys lsat night. I heard that he had walked into the bar naked and demanded that Hendricks give him his clothes." John then gives full attention to them knowing about what a Terminator does when it first appears. "He then killed them all," the first says, "Then stole Rodriguez's clothes and gun. He then stole a motorcycle and rode away." John doesn't know about who this Col. Schaefer is but knows that what they are really talking about is a Terminator. They've found me, John thinks realizing that the Terminator was being sent after him from the future. But how did they figure out I'd be here, John thinks in panic, I've done everything I can to stay off the grid. John realizes that he can't let the Terminator find him and must get away.

John runs to his small apartment in the city and begins to pack what he can.


Dutch is sitting in his cell trying to think of a way to get out and prove his innocence. A soldier carries in his breakfast saying, "Here's your breakfast Col., if they haven't stripped you of your rank yet." Two armed guards walk in with him. Ferocity appears in Dutch's eyes and he bashes the tray into the soldier's face knocking him back into one of the guards. As the other guard begins to point his rifle at Dutch, Dutch grabs the barrel and points it in another direction. Dutch then punches the guard in the face with his left fist knocking him unconscious. Dutch then takes then takes the keys off of the soldier who brought him the food and then runs out of the cell with the rifle. Dutch locks the guards in the cell and then runs down the hallway.


The Predator has come to Earth in order to hunt one of the only men who has ever bested a Yautja warrior, Dutch. The Predator is now traveling in the branches of the tall trees. The Predator is by a road that leads to Sao Paolo. The Predator looks down and sees The Terminator ride down the road on the motorcycle. The Predator scans the Terminator and sees that its appearance matches Dutch, and figures that it is Dutch himself. The Predator takes aim with his plasmacaster and then fires blowing the Terminator off of its motorcycle and tumble onto the ground. The Terminator gets up and scans the trees and with its scanner is able to see the invisible Predator. The Terminator then fires its gun at the Predator and the Predator leaps from branch to branch as the Terminator continues to fire at it. Eventually the Terminator runs out of bullets and proceeds to reload when the Predator leaps down at the Terminator and punches it in the face. The Terminator's face bends to the side and it backs up a bit but quickly straightens out. The Terminator then swings at the Predator with its right fist knocking the Predator to the ground. The Predator is surprised by its strength thinking that it is a human. The Predator gets up and jumps onto and climbs up a tree. The Terminator completes reloading the gun and fires up at the Predator who had cloaked himself again. The Terminator blows away the canopy of the trees and the branches crumble down and the Predator falls with them. Returning to its primary objective the Terminator continues riding towards Sao Paolo. The Predator gets up and then follows the Terminator's trail.

Bad NewsEdit

Sherman is working on his computer when Max bursts in with Rodriguez and a few other soldiers saying, "I've got some bad news sir." "What," Sherman asks. "It's Dutch," Max answers, "He's escaped." "No," Sherman shouts. "We should obviously go after him," Rodriguez says, "And I'd like to lead the group to find him. For what he did to all those guys in the bar." Sherman nods his head and says, "All right. I'll let you take a dozen men. I recommend you start your search in Sao Paolo, it's the nearest city where he could get transportation out of the country." "Right," Rodriguez replies, nods his head, and then turns away. Max closes the doors behind him and looks to Sherman and says, "Are you sure he is the right choice General. He's out for revenge and might have an itchy trigger finger. Several of his buds were killed in that bar." "Relax," Sherman replies, "Rodriguez knows protocol. I'm sure he'll make the right choices." "I hope you're right," Max replies and then leaves the office.


John Connor has his bag slung over his soldier and goes to a police station and talks to a cop saying, "There is a dangerous man in the area." John gives the description of a Terminator, but of course doesn't mention that it is a robot. John then tells the cop that he is armed and dangerous. "Thanks," the cop replies, "We'll be on the look out for him." "Good," John replies and nods his head as he leaves the police station.

The Terminator rides into the city and begins to look around for John and eventually spots him in the crowd. The crowd is so dense that the Terminator gets off of its motorcycle and quickly follows John.

John is on the lookout in case he spots a Terminator and manages to get a glimpse of it and begins to panic. John quickly moves through the crowd and runs into an alley. The Terminator notices John beginning to run and runs after him. When the Terminator turns into the alley it sees John running and pulls out its pistol and begins to fire at him. Civilians begin to panic as they hear the gunshots. The pursuit continues through the narrow pathways with the Terminator continuing to fire at John until John manages to lose the Terminator by hiding inside of an abandoned building. When the Terminator passes John gets up and walks towards the back of the building to leave through a back way.

Strange StoriesEdit

When John goes into the back room he is stunned to see the Terminator, "No, how did you get here!" John then pulls out a gun and points it at it. "No," it shouts, "My name is Col. Alan Schaefer of the U.S. army!" "What," John exclaims." "I presume that you think I am some assailant," Dutch says, "But I am not. I am in fact searching for whoever you think I am." "So you're not a Terminator," John says relieved and lowers his gun. "A Terminator," Dutch says confused, "What is that?" "I don't know if you'd believe me if I told you," John replies. "Try me," Dutch then says. "All right," John says, "In the future a military computer system called Skynet will launch nuclear war on mankind, killing almost all of the humans on the planet. Only a few will survive. I will be one of the survivors, and I am going to lead the humans in the Tech-Com resistance. Periodically Skynet has sent Terminators back in time in an attempt to kill me so I won't be able to lead the humans to victory. Two have looked like you, one tried to destroy my mother so I'd never be born, but the other was reprogrammed and sent to protect me. This one just tried to kill me." Shock crosses Dutch's face and he then asks, "How do you know about what's going to happen in the future?" "In the future when the first Terminator was sent back I sent back a soldier named Kyle Reese," John says, "To protect my mother. He told her everything and she passed the information on to me. He then by a twist of fate became my father." Dutch takes a moment to absorb all of this and says, "That's interesting." "I don't expect you to believe me," John says, "Which I would understand. Everybody else doesn't." Dutch laughs and then says, "I once had an odd experience of my own. Maybe not as fantastic as yours but still quite strange. You see I led a team of soldiers into Val Verde to supposedly save a captured Guatemalan presidential cabinet minister, which turned out to be a lie to get us to wipe out a group of guerilla forces that was in the area." Dutch sighs, "My own friend lied to me about it. Anyway afterwards we were hunted by a strange predator. A strange creature that had weapons of which are Earth has never seen. It took out each of my men one by one until only I and a woman named Anna were left. I had a final fight with the creature and managed to defeat it, but it then set off a self-destruct mechanism that destroyed acres of the jungle, but I managed to escape on a helicopter. Life was never the same for me after that. I still feel responsible for the deaths of my men." "What was this creature," John asks. "I don't know for sure," Dutch replies, "But I heard that there was another one of those things in Los Angeles. It was fought and killed by an LAPD cop named Mike Harrigan. He claimed that several more appeared and gave him a gun from the seventeen hundreds. I did see the gun so that could count for evidence of his story being true. He then said that they flew away in a giant spaceship. The gun tells me that those things have been coming to Earth for centuries, and the spaceship tells me that they are extraterrestrials." "Aliens," John exclaims. "That's right," Dutch replies. John looks at his watch and says, "I've got to go." "Where are you heading," Dutch asks. "To the airport," John answers, "I've got to leave before the Terminator gets me. I thought they wouldn't be able to find me here but they apparently did." "You're running," Dutch exclaims, "You're running and going to just let this killer roam and continue to destroy innocent lives!" John looks down and says softly, "I never thought about that." "You can't just let this thing continue to kill," Dutch says, "Especially when it's you it wants." "What do you propose I do," John replies. "Act like the leader you said you were destined to become," Dutch exclaims, "Help stop this thing before more people get hurt." "These things are insanely difficult to kill," John replies. "But from your story I can tell that there are ways," Dutch replies. John nods his head, "You're right, I shouldn't run. Perhaps together we could destroy it." "Good," Dutch replies nodding his head, "You've finally gotten your head into the game. Together we can get rid of this menace, and clear my name of the murders it has committed." "So what do you think we should do," John asks. "What the Terminator wants," Dutch answers smiling, "Make you found."

Old FriendsEdit

Rodriguez and his team rides into town in two trucks. They park the trucks and soldiers climb out of them. They line in formation in front of Rodriguez and he tells them, "You know our mission, find and retrieve Col. Alan Schaefer by any means necessary. All right we'll go in teams of two and search the East and West sides of the city. I will lead the team in the west, Carver will lead the team in the east. Understood?" "Yes sir," the soldiers reply. "Good," Rodriguez says, "Let's move out!" The two groups separate.

John is walking down the street with his cell phone to his ear. Dutch is on the other end. "I'll be watching you every step of the way," Dutch says watching from a rooftop. He is holding a scoped rifle and is watching John, "Tell me when you see the Terminator."

"I see him," a soldier tells Rodriguez through his walkie talkie looking up to see Dutch on the rooftop, "And he is armed. He is aiming at something but I can't tell what." "All right," Rodriguez replies, "Carver and his men will join us. Tells us of your location and we will meet you and take him down together." "All right sir," the soldier replies.

John then sees the Terminator walking by the docks. John quickly hides behind a corner and contacts Dutch saying, "Dutch, I've got a visual." "Good," Dutch replies, "Now time for phase two." Suddenly he hears foot steps running up the stairs of the building. Dutch looks down through a window and sees Rodriguez leading his group up the stairs. "Christ," Dutch says and then tells John, "Begin phase two, I'll meet you at the factory!" "What's wrong," John asks. "Just some old friends," Dutch replies and puts the phone away and runs towards the end of the rooftop. "After him," Rodriguez shouts and the soldiers run after Dutch and begin to fire at him. Dutch jumps to the next rooftop and continues running.

John runs in front of the Terminator which notices him and then John runs down the street with the Terminator in close pursuit. In order for he and Dutch's plan to work he couldn't lose the Terminator, but he still keeps as much distance between the two as possible especially when the Terminator fires at him with its pistol!

Dutch continues jumping from roof to roof dodging the rounds sent at him by Rodriguez and his men. Eventually Dutch runs out of building to jump to and begins to panic as he sees Rodriguez and the other soldiers coming close. Dutch then pulls out his machine gun and fires rounds in their direction but deliberately misses. This scares Rodriguez and his men so they back away in fear. Dutch then looks at the large window in the center of the building and jumps through. While falling down the shaft Dutch manages to grab a ledge. Rodriguez and the other soldiers reach the window and Rodriguez shouts, "Fire at will!" The men then fire down while Dutch scrambles onto the ledge and runs down the stairs. "We have to get down there," Rodriguez shouts, "Hurry!" Dutch continues running down the stairs and can hear some soldiers coming down through the window. Eventually they get down onto the stairs as well. "Damn," Dutch says continuing to run.

Apartment BrawlEdit

John is continuing to run down the street and pulls out his cell phone and calls Dutch. Dutch answers by saying, "This isn't a good time!" "Where are you," John shouts rounding a corner. "Just get there," Dutch shouts, "I'll be there as soon as I can!" Dutch then turns around and fires wildly at the stairs making the soldiers back away in fear. Dutch then turns around a corner. The soldiers run down to his floor and go around the corner as well entering an apartment. "Fan out," a soldier shouts and they do. There are three of them. One soldier approaches a closet and quickly opens it but sees nothing. When he turns Dutch is standing in front of him and punches him out with his right fist. The other soldiers then turn in his direction. Dutch picks up a wooden chair and throws it knocking down one of the other soldiers. The last soldier prepares to fire at Dutch but sees he has to reload. Dutch runs up to solider and kicks the gun out of his hand with his right foot and then punches the soldier in the face with his right fist knocking him back, but he stays on his feet. The soldier tries to punch Dutch but Dutch moves his torso out of the way and then manages to punch the soldiers shoulder with his right fist. The soldier then kicks Dutch with his left leg knocking Dutch back.

John can see the auto factory he is heading towards in sight. John then turns to see that the Terminator is still relentless. John then runs towards the fence surrounding the factory and quickly climbs over the chain link fence. The Terminator pulls apart of the fence and continues chasing John towards the auto factory.

The Predator AttacksEdit

Dutch blocks a kick from the soldier but is then grabbed from behind one of the other soldiers he had taken down. Dutch struggles to try and get the soldier off of him when the other soldier begins to beat up Dutch. After a while of the beating the soldier prepares to strike Dutch again when suddenly a noise is heard and there is a blade through the soldier's chest. "What the," Dutch says when he sees a pair of eyes glow for a second in empty space. "No," Dutch says knowing that it is a Predator. With adrenaline Dutch escapes the grip of the soldier and grabs him saying, "Come on, we have to get out of here!" Dutch begins to rush him and the soldier out of the room. "What the hell," the soldier shouts as the blade is pulled out of the soldier and the body falls to the ground. The soldier then escapes from Dutch's grip and turns to see the Predator appear. "Oh my God," the soldier shouts. Dutch then runs out of the apartment. The first soldier that Dutch knocked out wakes up and sees the Predator and quickly grabs his rifle. He points it at the Predator and fires at him, but the Predator is not effected and then fires a plasmacaster shot at the soldier's head killing him! The soldier that Dutch tried to save quickly runs into the hallway after picking up his machine gun and quickly runs following Dutch. They are in a stairwell a couple of floors up. Dutch and the soldier turn back to see the Predator walk out onto the landing. Dutch then continues to scream. The soldier screams and fires panic fire at the Predator but he jumps out of the way down the stairs and whacks the soldier down the stairs with his right arm. Dutch looks back and sees the Predator release its arm blade and approach the soldier. Dutch then runs back and fires rifle bullets at the Predator driving him away. Dutch then helps up the soldier saying, "Come on!" Amazement crosses the soldiers face at this supposed cold blooded killer doing all he could to make sure he lives. They continue running down the stairs with the Predator in close pursuit. When they are two floors up the Predator manages to jump in front of them. He aims his plasmacaster at Dutch. Dutch then quickly grabs the soldier and leaps over the railing and they land on the ground. He then picks the soldier up and they run towards the door. When they get close to the door the soldier is shot down by the Predator's plasmacaster, killing him. Dutch manages to escape from the building but is surrounded by Rodriguez and two other soldiers. "Stop," Rodriguez shouts. "We have to move," Dutch shouts. Dutch hears the Predator running towards the door. Dutch then quickly jumps away from the doorway and the Predator runs out into the view of Rodriguez and his men. "Oh my god," Rodriguez shouts, "Blast it!" Rodriguez and his men fire rounds at the Predator but it jumps away and then launches two smart discs killing the two men aiding Rodriguez. The Predator then catches the discs in both hands. Rodriguez then fires at the Predator and it keeps dodging his bullets. Dutch grabs Rodriguez and tries to pull him away saying, "Rodriguez, we have to go!" Rodriguez then turns on Dutch and tries to shoot him but Dutch manages to knock the gun out of Rodriguez's hands and then run. Rodriguez turns back towards the Predator who then launches two small arm blades into Rodriguez's chest and he falls to the ground breathing heavily. The Predator then runs past him to go after Dutch.

Narrow EscapeEdit

John is running down a hall in the auto factory with the Terminator still chasing him. "Will it ever give me a break," John remarks continuing to run. The Terminator has reloaded its gun and fires bullets towards John, but John manages to round a corner before they can hit him.

Dutch manages to get into a car and use his knife to turn on the ignition. He then drives away and looks behind but sees nothing. Dutch figures that the Predator put its cloaking on again. Dutch continues heading towards the auto factory when suddenly plasmacaster blasts rain down on him. Dutch looks around and eventually sees that the blasts are coming from the top of a building. Dutch points his machine gun out the window and fires at the spot, trying his best to multi-task that and making sure he doesn't crash. Suddenly Dutch sees he is about to collide with an oncoming car Dutch quickly swerves away in the nick of time. Dutch then thinks about what to do and sees a case in the passenger seat. Dutch opens it while driving with one hand and then sees that a flare gun is inside. "Who is this guy," Dutch remarks and then pulls out the flare gun and loads a flare into it. The Predator is jumping from rooftop to rooftop following him. Dutch then points the flare gun out the window and waits. He then sees the Predator fire another blast and then smirks and fires the flare at the Predator, hitting it. The Predator backs away blinded and Dutch zooms down the road.

Factory Face-OffEdit

John is now in the main part of the factory and hides behind a car that is under construction and pulls out a pistol that was in his belt and loads a magazine into it. The Terminator stands on a catwalk above an scans the room to find out if John is in there. The Terminator then descends the stairs and continues the search with its pistol at the ready. John evades the Terminator as they move through the rows of cars either under construction or completed. Eventually the Terminator manages to spot John and fires a hail of bullets at him but John manages to jump behind a car to dodge the bullets. John then points the gun over the car and fires several bullets at the Terminator but they have no effect. "Damn," John says knowing that it wouldn't have worked but still hoped. The Terminator goes over the car and John runs down the row. The Terminator shoots at John but realized it is out of bullets. While running after John the Terminator realizes it is out of magazines so it throws the gun aside and pursues John. Eventually they are in the open main area and John trips on a tool box. John frantically turns around to see the Terminator almost right next to him. John shouts and completely unloads his gun on the Terminator, but still with no effect. John manages to get up from the ground and replaces the magazine and then fires at it again, but it again doesn't work. The Terminator reaches John and grasps his throat with its right hand and raises him into the air. John feels the Terminator's grip tightens and he struggles to get away. Suddenly a car breaks through the large door that cars go through to get in and out of the factory. The Terminator turns and sees Dutch at the wheel. Dutch rams into the Terminator making it and John tumble over the car, and the Terminator lets go of John and they fall onto the ground. Dutch stops the car and gets out with his machine gun in hand. John runs to him shouting, "You could have killed me!" "You would have died if I didn't," Dutch replies. They see the Terminator rise from the ground and approach them again. Dutch fires a hail of bullets at the Terminator but the Terminator keeps walking. "It won't do any good," John says, "We have to move." "All right," Dutch replies, "Remember phase three?" "Yes," John answers. "Then let's go," Dutch shouts and Dutch runs up the stairs. John then fires some bullets at the Terminator and then runs into the rows of cars.

Dutch reaches a control room and tries to open the glass door, but finds out it is locked. Dutch then blows away the glass with his machine gun. He then reaches his hand through and opens the door. He then runs to the controls and says under his breath, "Christ." Dutch looks around the controls and finds a joystick. "Here," Dutch says and pushes a red button that is by the joystick. The power inside of giant magnet that looms over the main area of the factory comes to life. Dutch then grabs the joystick and moves the magnet around.

John is still running in the rows being pursued by the Terminator and hears the magnet moving. John then runs into the main area with the Terminator continuing to follow.

Dutch is still up in the control room and guides the magnet over the main area. John runs under it followed by the Terminator which had almost caught up with him. Dutch presses a red button that is on top of the joystick making the magnet turn on and the Terminator is pulled up, and slams onto the magnet. "Yes," Dutch shouts because of this triumph. Dutch touches another button opening up the top to a vat filled with melted down metal. Dutch guides the magnet over the vat. John looks up at this and smiles that the nightmare is finally over. Dutch suddenly hears the door behind him open and turns to see the door had swung open but nobody there. Oh my God, Dutch thinks, It's here! Dutch quickly fires machine gun bullets around the room and eventually sees two plasmacaster blasts coming at him and he ducks. The two blasts hit the control panel, damaging the magnet controls.

The magnet turns off and the Terminator falls off just at the edge of the vat and gets up. It stares at John. "What," John shouts.

Dutch runs out the door he came through. The Predator tries to follow but can't see him but turns to see the Terminator approaching John. The Predator is confused about how Dutch got all the way there and was in a different outfit. The Predator recognized that it was the person that he had fought earlier in the jungle. The Predator remembers the strength that it had and jumps down in front of the Terminator. John is confused to see this creature seemingly protecting him. The Terminator is as well confused and scans the creature and can't figure out what it is, and also remembers fighting it in the jungle. The Predator pulls out its staff and makes two ends pop out. The Predator then charges at the Terminator and whacks the Terminator's face with the staff but the Terminator just recoils. The Predator then swings its staff at the Terminator again and repeatedly hits it. The Terminator eventually manages to grab the staff and swing the Predator into a car. John runs towards the door as the Terminator comes after him again. As the Terminator runs the Predator jumps on top of it. The Terminator grabs the Predator with both hands and throws him off to the ground. The Predator then springs back up and releases his two arm blades. The Predator then slashes the Terminator's chest creating a large gash. The Predator sees that there is metal on the realize and realizes that the Terminator isn't human. The Predator slashes at the Terminator again with his right blade but the Terminator blocks it with its left arm and then grabs the Predator's shoulder with its right hand, and throws him into a support beam. The Predator gets up and charges at the Terminator again. The Predator wildly swings his arm blades at the Terminator but it manages to dodge the blades. Eventually the Predator raises both arm blades high and swing them both down upon the Terminator but the Terminator grabs the blades with both hands. The two struggle when suddenly the Predator hears something and looks behind to see Dutch driving a forklift coming at them. The Predator ejects both of the blades and jumps out of the way. The forklift rams into the Terminator and Dutch makes the forklift ram into a wall on the other side of the room, breaking the wall. Dutch then jumps out of the forklift and runs to the car, turns it on and quickly drives out where he came through. The Terminator bursts through the wall, pushing the forklift aside. The Terminator looks around and sees that John is gone and then exits the building.

John is running outside of the auto factory and pulls out his cellphone and calls Dutch and asks, "Where are you Dutch?" John then sees Dutch park the car next to him. "Right here," Dutch remarks, "Get in." John hurriedly gets into the shotgun seat and Dutch slams on the gas pedal and they zoom through the factory ground and back onto a road and drive down it. "Where do we go now," John asks. "I don't know," Dutch replies, "That was the best shot we had at killing the Terminator, but that creature ruined it." "You mean that strange thing I saw that fought the Terminator," John asks. "Yes," Dutch answers, "And it was that kind of creature that stalked my team and I in Val Verde. I hoped to never see one of those again." "So anyway," John says, "Where do we head?" "I think we should go to the American military base to get some weapons we could use to kill both of them, and pray to God we are not captured by the military."

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