Story ContinuedEdit


Carver and his men reach the apartment building where the Predator had injured Rodriguez. "It's Rodriguez," Carver says and jumps out of the truck they are riding in, and runs to Rodriguez's side. "Rodriguez," Carver shouts, "What happened?" "Dutch was here," Rodriguez says breathing heavily, "There was some creature with him. It killed Werner and Samuels. I think everyone that I sent after Dutch earlier are dead as well. "Christ," Carver says, "Come on, let me get you help." Carver motions for some men to help him and they carry Rodriguez into the back of the truck. Another soldier in the back pulls out a first aid kit and they open up Rodriguez's jacket and shirt to look at his wound. "Oh my God," the soldier says looking at the blades that are in Rodriguez's chest. The soldier pulls out a pair of pliers to remove the blades. "Keep looking for him," Rodriguez says, "We have to find him before he gets too far away. He went down this road with a stolen car." "All right," Carver replies, "Let's move." The driver then makes the truck zoom down the road.

The Terminator is walking in the factory grounds towards the town and walks into the streets thinking of where to go.

The truck continues driving down the road. "Hey," the driver shouts, "I see Dutch! He's on the sidewalk." "Then let's get him," Carver shouts and the driver stops the truck. All of the soldiers except for Rodriguez and the soldier tending his wounds jump out with their guns in hand. The soldier is wrapping bandages around Rodriguez's stomach and says, "We're going to have him in a matter of moments." Carver and the other soldiers approach who they believe to be Dutch, but is really the Terminator. "Col. Schaefer," Carver shouts, "Halt!" The Terminator continues walking, angering Carver. "Did you hear me," Carver shouts and runs in front of the Terminator. Carver then raises the barrel of his shotgun to the Terminator's face and then shouts, "Stop." The Terminator snatches the shotgun from Rodriguez's hands and then blasts Carver off of his feat with the shotgun. The other soldiers then open fire upon the Terminator. The bullets just ding off of it as it turns to the other soldiers and blows them down one by one. "What's going on," Rodriguez asks in the back of the truck. "Oh my God," the soldier helping him replies, "Stay here!" The solider pulls out a handgun and jumps out of the back of the truck. Rodriguez hears the heated gunfire and screams continue, but it then suddenly stops. Rodriguez looks out the back of the truck and sees all of his fellow soldiers dead and the Terminator walking towards the truck. Rodriguez hears the Terminator enter the driver's seat and turn on the ignition. When the truck begins to move Rodriguez jumps out through the back and rolls on the ground and sees the truck drive away. After a few moments Rodriguez drags himself to Carver's body and tears go down his face as he sees his dead comrades. He pulls a machete out of Carver's belt and then slowly gets up. He then as quickly as he can move, heads in the direction the truck went.

Restocking and RepairsEdit

The Predator is back inside of his ship and gathers some supplies, including replacing the arm blades he lost. The Predator then walks out of the ship and turns its cloaking back on and then gets onto its speeder bike and rides out into the jungle deciding to make the Terminator one of his targets as well.

The Terminator has stopped at a gas station. The Terminator walks in. The person at the desk asks, "So what is it you need." "To use the lavatory," the Terminator replies. The Terminator grabs some string and a sewing needle and walks into the washroom. The clerk notices how the Terminator looks injured and remarks, "What happened to him?" The Terminator is in the washroom and sews up the slash that was put into its stomach by the Predator, and the gash in its arm. The Terminator then walks out and heads towards the door. "I saw you take the needle and thread," the clerk says, "Are you going to pay for it?" "No," the Terminator replies continuing to walk towards the door. "Hey," the clerk shouts and pulls a rifle out from under the counter, "I"m not going to be robbed!" When the Terminator continues walking the clerk shoots the Terminator's back but the Terminator just turns around and blows the clerk off his feet with the shotgun, and the clerk falls to the ground dead. The Terminator then turns and walks out of the gas station.

Convoy BattleEdit

Dutch is still driving with John riding shotgun. They are driving on a back road in the jungle. They then hear a lot of motor vehicles driving on the road ahead. "An American convoy," Dutch says, "We should hang with them in case we are attacked again." Dutch rides into the convoy. A jeep filled with soldiers drives next to the car. Dutch lowers the window and shouts, "I'm Col. Alan Schaefer of the United States military, where are you heading?" "To the base," the soldier replies, "We're bringing in some fresh men." "Good," Dutch replies, "I would like to accompany you on the road." "All right," the soldier replies and then the jeep veers away. Dutch raises the window and turns to John saying, "That went well."

In the back is another jeep. The driver sees a truck coming up from behind with the rearview mirror. He sees the Terminator driving it. "Who's that," the driver asks pointing back at the truck. The other soldiers look back and one says, "That looks like Col. Alan Schaefer. What's going on!" The Terminator rams into the back of the jeep making it flip over as the driver shouts, "What the hell!" The Terminator continues driving. Dutch and John hear this and they look back. "Christ," Dutch shouts, "He's back!" "That's not good," John says. The other soldiers see this. Their leader Major Raines, the man who spoke to Dutch, looks back and tells his driver, "Pull back! We're getting to the bottom of this!" They pull the car back next to the Terminator's truck and Raines shouts, "Whoever you are stop now!" Raines then sees who's driving and says, "Oh my God, he looks just like Dutch!" The Terminator then makes the truck veer into Raines' jeep, making it the jeep veer off the road and crash into a tree! The Terminator sees Dutch and John inside of the car and goes after them. Some soldiers in some of the jeeps fire at the Terminator but to no effect. The Terminator rams through any vehicle in its way and begins to tail Dutch and John's car. "Hang on," Dutch shouts and quickly veers to the right but the Terminator follows. John looks at the gas dial and says, "We're running out of gas!" Dutch tries to think but John says, "I've got an idea." The Terminator is right behind them as they pull up next to a jeep of soldiers. Unknown to all of them the Predator is following the vehicles down the road, jumping from tree to tree. Suddenly John jumps into the jeep they are next to. Dutch makes the car go sideways and then pulls his knife out of the ignition, and jumps into the jeep as well. The truck rams into the car, but the truck isn't slowed down. "We have to get him out of that truck," John shouts. "I know," Dutch replies, "We've got to figure out a way how!" Suddenly the Predator jumps down from the trees into the back of the jeep. "Oh my...," a soldier begins to shout when the Predator releases his right arm blade into is stomach and then throws the body aside. Dutch gets up and raises his knife. "Keep safe John," Dutch shouts to John. Dutch and the Predator circle each other. Dutch then says, "It'll be a pleasure to kill another one of you!" Dutch then swings his knife at the Predator but the Predator parries the attack with his arm blade. The Predator then swings back but Dutch parries the attack with his knife. John pulls out his pistol and looks through is pockets for a magazine to reload it.

The Terminator is still in close pursuit when another truck filled with soldiers pulls up next to the Terminator's truck. The Terminator veers its truck into the other truck, and the driver retaliates by doing the same. "Blast the wheels," the soldier sitting in the passenger seat shouts. "Right," the driver says and points a pistol out the window and shoots the front right tier and then wheel of the truck making the truck veer towards the right. The Terminator quickly jumps from that truck into the next truck, breaking through the canvas covering the top and shoots down several of the soldiers sitting in it. When the Terminator runs out of shells it easily beats the soldiers with its fists. Eventually the Terminator gets to the driver and punches him out of the truck. The passenger panics, unbuckles his seat belt and jumps out of the truck, tumbling on the ground and watches as the convoy keeps going.

Dutch and the Predator are still fighting in the back of the jeep. A soldier raises his machine gun to blast the Predator but the Predator slices the gun's barrel and then slices off the soldier's head. Dutch grunts and then charges at the Predator again. The Predator parries Dutch's wild swings and eventually manages to slash Dutch's right arm. Dutch shouts and grips his right arm with his left hand and the Predator then whacks him across the face with the back of his right hand, knocking Dutch to his back. The driver looks at John who is still searching for magazine and asks, "Need a magazine for that?" "You think," John shouts. The driver hands John a new magazine and John loads the gun. The Predator looms over john and raises his arm blade high. Suddenly the predator is hit by several gunshots and falls off the back of the jeep. Dutch looks to where the bullets came from and sees John holding his pistol up. Dutch nods his head and smiles saying, "Good job John, good job!"

The Predator gets up from the ground and sees the jeep driving away. The Predator then sees that an other truck is coming by. The Predator then jumps at the truck, slashing his way through the canopy. The soldiers inside begin to panic as the Predator slashes them to bits.

Running parallel, and a couple of meters away from the truck the Predator is in is the Terminator driving the truck it stole. Eventually the Predator blows the driver's head off but the dead body's foot still presses onto the gas pedal. They then leave the jungle area to find themselves on a rocky cliff, with a gorge to their left. The Predator looks and sees the Terminator driving the other truck. The Predator aims his plasmacaster at the truck and blows away the front. The Terminator gets out of its seat and goes into the back of the truck and turns to see the Predator in the adjacent truck. The Predator stairs at his target and then runs and leaps towards the other truck. The Terminator then leaps out at the Predator and they meet midair between the two trucks and the Terminator grapples the Predator, and they then tumble onto the ground. The Terminator gets the Predator in the face with its right fist but the Predator then whacks the Terminator across the face with the back of his left hand. While tumbling the Predator shoots a grapple out of his right wrist and it attaches to a jeep that is in front of them, and then presses a button to make the grapple retract, and pull the Predator towards the jeep while the Terminator lands on the ground on its chest. The Terminator gets up and grabs the back of a jeep that comes by. The driver and other soldiers look back and panic. "Get out," the Terminator says and they all jump out of the car. The Terminator gets into the driver's seat and drives down the road after John.

The Predator is at the jeep and detaches the grapple. "What the freaking hell is that," a soldier shouts as the Predator pulls himself onto the back of the jeep. The Predator then takes aim at the soldiers with his plasmacaster, and blows them all away. The Predator sees Dutch and John's deep a couple of meters down the road. The Predator then looks to his right to see the Terminator in its jeep catch up with a truck coming at the Terminator's left. "Let's get them both," the driver of the truck shouts. The vehicles are coming upon a sharp turn at the edge of the cliff. The driver rams the truck into the Terminator's jeep, making it move to the right. The Terminator then rises with its shotgun and shoots the soldier in the passenger seat. "Jesus," the driver shouts when the body of his copilot leans towards him. The Terminator then blows the driver through his door with another blast from his shotgun. The Terminator then turns to see the Predator. The Predator looks back. Knowing that the Predator was out to kill the Terminator, it fired a blast from its shotgun, catching The Predator in the left shoulder. The Predator feels the great pain but then pulls out a shuriken with his right hand and throws it at the Terminator. It hits the Terminator in the left shoulder, making the Terminator fly back and the shuriken holds the Terminator onto the truck. The jeep John and Dutch are in turns around the turn and zooms down that road. The Terminator tries to pull the shuriken out but it is too late and the truck files off of the cliff, and falls down into the jungle below. The Predator believes his target to be destroyed but then looks to see John and Dutch's jeep far down the road. The Predator aims his plasmacaster at the jeep and fires.

"We made it," the driver says relieved in John and Dutch's jeep smiling. Dutch and John are smiling as well, Dutch still lying in the back and John riding shotgun. Suddenly the back of the jeep is hit by the plasmacaster blast, making the jeep fly into into the air, and flip onto its back. Dutch, John, and the driver pull themselves out from under the jeep. "This isn't over yet," Dutch says getting up from the ground. John and the driver get up as well. "We have to move," Dutch says, "That predator is still after us!" John, Dutch, and the driver, named Andy, run down the road.

The Predator jumps at a tree and climbs up it. The Predator begins to jump from branch to branch but then feels his wounds hold him back. Knowing that he had to, the Predator pulls out his medical kit and proceeds to treat his wounds.

Not Dead YetEdit

At the bottom of the cliff is the wreckage of the truck. It seems still but suddenly, the truck is lifted from the ground and the Terminator comes out from under it. The Terminator sees its shotgun lying on the ground and continues to hold the truck up with its right hand, and picks up the shotgun with its left hand. The Terminator then gets out from under the truck and drops it. The Terminator then checks how much ammo is left and then reloads the gun. The Terminator scans the area and then walks into the jungle.

In the JungleEdit

Dutch is running through the jungle with John and Andy following closely behind. "Why are we going through the jungle," John shouts. "Not as clear of a range," Dutch shouts back but not slowing down, "And the base is a couple of miles this way. The road takes longer."

More Bad NewsEdit

Max hurriedly bursts into Sherman's office. "What is it lieutenant," Sherman asks. "I've got some more bad news," Max replies, "All of our guys that went to Sao Paolo are dead." "What," Sherman shouts springing from his chair. "We found their bodies," Max says, "Except for Rodriguez's." "Perhaps he's heading back here," Sherman says. "Maybe," Max replies, "But I think that there is some dangerous killer on the loose, even if it isn't Dutch." "Well," Sherman says "Dutch is our best guess. So I want more men sent this time to sweep the jungle and city, and bring him here. Understood." "Yes sir," Max replies and walks out of the room hurriedly.


John, Dutch, and Andy are still running through the jungle. Eventually Andy stops and bends down breathing heavily. John stops and turns towards him. "Why can't we rest," Andy asks. Dutch stops running and turns to Andy with a serious look on his face. Dutch then says, "Because those things are going to continue going after us. We need to get to the base before either catch up to us. They won't stop, so we can't." John nods his head and says, "He's right, we have to keep moving." Andy nods his head and then says "All right. I just needed that second." When John and Andy begin to run to catch up Dutch hears a noise coming from the trees and says, "It's here! Run! The three then sprint through the jungle, forgetting any aches and pains. While running Dutch looks at the trees every few seconds to see if he can catch any glimpse of the Predator. Suddenly plasmacaster blasts are fired upon them from above. It's just wildly firing Dutch thinks as they continue to run. Eventually they reach what appears to be the edge of the jungle and run towards. When Dutch runs out he stops himself just in time from falling off the side of a cliff. He stops John and Andy from falling when the run out of the foliage. Dutch looks around and sees that they are standing on a large cliff, and Dutch sees a waterfall a couple of meters to their right. "We're trapped," Andy shouts. "Come on," Dutch says, "Continue following me." Dutch then runs towards the waterfall. "Are we actually going to cross that," Andy shouts. "Of course not," Dutch shouts when he reaches the edge of the waterfall. Dutch turns back to see movement in the trees at the edge of the jungle. "Hurry," Dutch shouts and John and Andy try to run faster. Eventually John and Andy reach Dutch. Dutch sees that the movement is now really close. Dutch grabs the back of John's jacket and Andy's shirt and says, "Land with your feet first." Dutch then thrusts the three of them in to the waterfall and they head towards the edge. The Predator sees this and fires plasmacaster blasts at them but they go over the side before they can hit. The Predator jumps to the edge of the cliff and looks down. The Predator sees them in the water below swimming towards the shore. The Predator then jumps down to the side of the cliff and climbs down.

John reaches the shore and looks back to see Dutch dragging Andy towards the shore a couple of meters away. Eventually Dutch manages to get to the shore and lays Andy on the bank. Dutch then administers CPR on Andy and Andy wakes up panicking. "Are you insane," Andy shouts, "You could have gotten us killed!" "We would have been killed if we had stayed," Dutch says and outreaches his hand towards Andy. Andy grabs it and Dutch pulls him up and then says, "We have to keep moving. We've been bought some time but we can't stop." Dutch then runs into the jungle. John then runs in as well. Andy sighs and then follows.


Rodriguez is walking through the jungle deranged and with hate in his eyes. He is carrying the machete that he had gotten off of Carver's body. He slices his way through the foliage as he continues his search for vengeance, albeit losing his sanity. Eventually he hears footsteps close to him and runs towards where it is. He hides behind a log and then looks over it to see the Terminator walking through the jungle. "There you are," Rodriguez says under his breath. The Terminator has its back turned. Rodriguez jumps over the log and charges at the Terminator from behind with the machete raised high. Rodriguez thrusts the machete at the Terminator's back, but it just stops. The Terminator turns towards Rodriguez, grabs him by the throat with its right hand, and throws Rodriguez several yards away into the foliage. The Terminator then turns to walk away but Rodriguez gets up and charges at the Terminator again and tries to strike the Terminator in the shoulder but it still doesn't work. Rodriguez begins to repeatedly slash at the Terminator but all of the swings are in vain. The Terminator then swings around and knocks Rodriguez onto his stomach with its right arm. The Terminator then aims its shotgun down at Rodriguez but Rodriguez rolls out of the way and then tries to stab the Terminator in the stomach with the machete, but again it has no effect. The Terminator then punches Rodriguez in the stomach with its left fist, making him fly back several yards. Rodriguez slowly gets up when he sees the Terminator taking aim at him again. Rodriguez then runs behind a tree as the Terminator fires. Rodriguez looks at the ground and sees a reasonably large rock. Rodriguez looks around the tree to see the Terminator walking away again. Rodriguez jumps from behind the tree, and throws the rock and it hits the Terminator in the back of the head but it just bounces off. The Terminator turns around again. With extreme anger Rodriguez then shouts, "Won't you ever die!" Rodriguez then runs at the Terminator again with his machete held high. When Rodriguez reaches the Terminator, the Terminator grabs Rodriguez's right shoulder with its left hand and throws him several yards to the right, and Rodriguez tumbles down a hill into a ravine. Soon afterwards Rodriguez regains his senses and then sees that his machete is lying next to him. Rodriguez grabs it and then runs up the side of the ravine as quickly as he can and reaches the top. Rodriguez looks around frantically but can't see the Terminator anywhere. Rodriguez screams and then runs into the jungle.

Flight to the BaseEdit

Dutch, John, and Andy are continuing to run through the jungle. Eventually Andy stops in his tracks and is breathing heavily. Dutch and John halt as well, and are breathing equally as heavily. "We can't stop," Dutch says. "We've been running like this for an hour," Andy shouts, "I'm out of energy." "We all are," John says, "But those things could easily catch up to us. We have to get to the base." Andy shouts, "All right, I'll try!" The three begin to move again when they suddenly hear an explosion. Dutch and John turn back to see Andy's body blown to bits. "It's caught up," John shouts. "Run," Dutch shouts and two begin to sprint through the jungle. Explosions are happening all around as plasmacaster blasts are fired at them. "We should be almost there," Dutch shouts. Eventually they run up a hill and look down to see the base. "We're almost there," Dutch shouts, and the two sprint down the hill, not slowing down at all. Several soldiers are forming into groups outside of the base. The two eventually reach the base grounds. "We made it," John says breathing heavily. Both are happy to notice that aren't being fired at anymore. "It's Col. Schaefer," a soldier shouts, "Get him!" Soldiers begin to encircle Dutch and John who raise their hands to show they aren't going to fight. "I need to speak to General Pryce," Dutch says.


Max walks in with several guards who are guiding in John and Dutch. Sherman looks up from his desk at Dutch and John and asks, "Who's the other guy." "He says he's named John Reese," Max says, "But when we looked him up in the archives there wasn't one. We looked again with his picture to find out his real name is John Connor." "One of the people involved in blowing up the Cyberdyne building," Sherman says, "Along with his mother and two others." "Interesting," Sherman says, "Why would Col. Schaefer be with a terrorist?" "You have to listen to me," Dutch says, "It hasn't been me killing all of the men." "Oh," Sherman replies, "Then who was it?" Dutch pauses for a moment but then says, "I doubt you'll believe me, but it is a robot from the future." "What," Sherman exclaims. Dutch continues, "It was sent here to kill John, and has killed every soldier in its way in its pursuit of him. Whatever crime you are accusing John of is false, he had good reason for his actions." Sherman sighs, "It is such a disappointment. At one time you were a fine solider Alan, but ever since what happened in Val Verde you have lost your mind. You could have been a great leader, but now you babble about aliens and robots from the future." "It's all true," John shout, "And not only is that robot out there, but a creature of the same kind that fought Dutch in Val Verde is here as well, and I have no doubt that they will attack this base to get us." Sherman sighs, "They are both insane." "No," Dutch shouts, "You have to listen to us." Sherman sighs and then says, "Lieutenant Carson, take the two of them to a cell." "Yes General," Max replies and then walks out of the room. The armed guards escort John and Dutch out behind. Dutch shouts while going through the door, "You're making a big mistake!" Once they are out Sherman sighs again and sits at his desk.

Locked UpEdit

John and Dutch are locked inside of a cell and Max then leaves with some of the soldiers, but two are left by the cell to stand guard. John and Dutch sit down on bunks that are on adjacent walls to each other. "Well," Dutch says, "Here we are." "What do we do now," John asks. "There's not much we can do," Dutch replies, "Except wait to see what happens."


Max walks back into Sherman's office. "What is it," Sherman asks. "I'm worried General," Max replies, "I know what they are saying seems to be crazy, but what if they are right? Perhaps we should listen what they say, just as a precaution." Max pauses for a moment but then continues saying, "I know things seem very crazy right now but I've known Dutch for a while. I know that he isn't crazy or a killer." Sherman sighs and then says, "I know that he's your friend, but let's be realistic. Robots and aliens belong in science fiction stories, not reality. Both are either lying or genuinely insane, and there is no way around it." Max nods his head saying, "All right." Max then turns around and walks out of the office.

Wounds that Never HealEdit

Dutch is lying down on his bunk while John sits on his with his back against the wall. "You know," Dutch says, "I still blame myself for what happened to my team." "Why," John asks. "Because I was their leader," Dutch replies, "It was my job to get them home safe." "It's not your fault," John says. "I know," Dutch replies, "But for some reason I still feel responsible, and the whole experience continues to haunt me. Some wounds just don't seem to heal." "I get the feeling," John replies, "You remember that I told you that a Terminator had been sent back to protect me right." "Yes," Dutch says. "It became the closest thing I ever had to a father," John says, "And when he had us destroy him, I just felt awful, and still feel bad about it." "That's rough," Dutch replies. "And now seeing the Terminator try to kill me," John says, "Is so hard because I remember when the last one was like a father to me. It's like my guardian is trying to kill me." "That sounds like it has to be bad," Dutch says. "Yeah," John replies. The two then stay silent for a moment and then Dutch says, "It is only a matter of time that either come here to kill us." "I know," John replies, "But I don't know what we can do." Dutch then sits up and looks into John's eyes and says, "Well, let's think of something then."


Three armed soldiers are at the main door into the base. The Terminator walks up to them and asks, "Have you seen a John Reese anywhere?" "You," one of the soldiers exclaims, "How did you get out of your cell?" The solider points his gun up at the Terminator and shouts, "You're coming with me!" The Terminator grabs the barrel of the gun with his left hand and bends it back. "Jesus," the soldier shouts. The Terminator then points its shotgun that it is holding in its right hand at the soldier, and fires a shot at the soldier making him fly onto his back dead. "Oh my God," one of the other soldiers shouts. The Terminator then turns towards the other two soldiers.

Max is walking down a hall when he sees several soldiers run past him. Max pulls one aside and shouts, "What the hell is going on?" "There's an intruder," the soldier says, "They say that it is Col. Schaefer." "How," Max shouts, "We have him locked up." Max then thinks for a second and then says, "Unless." Max then runs down the hall. The soldier runs back to the others.

The Terminator is now in the main entry hall. The soldiers then run in and fire at will at the Terminator, all shots having no effect. The Terminator begins to shoot them down one by one with its shotgun. Eventually some soldiers try to charge at the Terminator but it easily kills them with its fists.

Max runs in front of Dutch and John's cell and unlocks it. "What's going on," John asks. "There's an intruder," Max exclaims, "One that the men are saying is Dutch." "Really," Dutch exclaims getting up, "How could that be I wonder." "I think this proves your story to be true," Max says, "And clearly you two know more about the situation then anybody else does." Dutch nods his head and says, "All right." Dutch then turns to John and asks, "Do you know how we can kill it." "I don't know," John says thinking, "Perhaps if we had some very powerful explosives." "We have some C4 in storage," Max says. "Go get it," Dutch replies, "John and I will see what we can do about it at this time. Meet us back here in fifteen minutes." "Okay," Max replies, "But where are you going?" "To save General Pryce," Dutch says and runs down the hall. John then follows. Max then runs to storage.

Proven WrongEdit

Sherman is sitting in his office when several soldiers run in. "General Pryce," one of the soldiers says, "There is a powerful intruder. It appears to be Col. Schaefer, but he's taking bullets as if they're nothing." "What," Sherman exclaims jumping from his seat, "But we locked Col. Schaefer up. Are you sure?" "The men seem positive," the soldier says, "We've come to escort you to safety. The soldiers walk into the room when suddenly the Terminator enters through the door. "It's him," another soldier shouts. "Fire at will," the first soldier shouts and they fire bullet after bullet at the Terminator, but none have any effect. The Terminator easily takes down the soldiers with its shotgun and fists, and shoots the first soldier last. The Terminator then turns towards General Pryce and asks, "Is there a John Reese in this facility?" "Yes," Sherman replies frantically, "Though we learned his real name is John Connor. He has been locked up in the cell bay on the other side of the building." The Terminator begins to turn away when they hear Dutch shout, "General, we need to get out of here," come from the hallway. Dutch and John then walk in and then recoil in surprise. The Terminator looks at them and sees that John is there. "Believe us now," Dutch shouts. Taking the opportunity Sherman pulls a pistol out from a drawer in his desk and repeatedly fires at the Terminator. The Terminator points its shotgun at Sherman and blows him off his feet with a blast from the gun. Sherman lands on his back breathing heavily, and slowly dies. "Let's go," John shouts and the two run into the hallway. The Terminator runs after them and points its shotgun at them. It fires, but John and Dutch round a corner and the shot misses. John continues to run, but sees that Dutch is picking up a thick metal pipe from a stack on top of a roller. John stops and shouts, "What are you doing!" "Run," Dutch shouts, "Meet with Max to get the C4! I'll hold him off!" "But," John begins to shout but Dutch shouts, "Go," as the Terminator comes around the corner. John then runs down the hallway.

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